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Art Fumes Comic Strip
All artwork here is copyrighted. Contact me if you want to use this stuff.
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14th-Sep-2014 11:18 am - Best Friends
Rain Being Sexy
091414 Best Friends

I find this true a lot. I have good friends. We do stupid shit together all the time.
7th-Sep-2014 09:48 am - Liquid Therapy
Rain Being Sexy
090714 Liquid Therapy

I don't about your local Wal-Mart but there are people at mine that look like they have already had a "few too many" wandering around there. Maybe Wal-Mart shouldn't sell liquor. After going through the People Of Wal-Mart website, the woman in her pajamas, go-go boots while carrying her cat in the snack food aisle... yeah. Booze might not be a good idea.

* The reference is to "Brandy" by Lighthouse. You're welcome for the earworm. >:D
Rain Being Sexy
083114 Public Service Announcement

This should be broadcast before most concerts. Even 180 can be pushing it. I understand the allure but yeah, keep your feet on the ground or be prepared to pay the consequences.

The shirt I'm wearing is from the concert where this joke originated, Man Or ASTRO-Man?? at the Underground Arts club in Philadelphia. There was a guy who was an easy 200 pounds jumped off the stage into an area of the crowd where a bunch of girls were. And these were those kind of girls who look like they don't eat so I'm pretty sure they don't lift weights either, brah. They dropped him like a ton of bricks. I sure hope he was completely wasted drunk because the concrete floor would hurt much worse when sober.
17th-Aug-2014 08:05 am - Been Caught Stealing
Rain Being Sexy
081714 Been Caught Stealing

Yes, there really is a paint brush that costs $80 and is made of squirrel fur.

Anyone else have Jane's Addiction going through their head?
10th-Aug-2014 10:01 am - Working Overtime
Rain Being Sexy
081014 Working Overtime

We've all been there, right? It's even worse when you work third shift (as I do). Draggin' my sorry ass out of bed when I had a good night of sleep is bad enough. When I was dreaming about work, it's a hundred times worse.
3rd-Aug-2014 09:25 am - Diet Tip
Rain Being Sexy
080314 Diet Tip

Not a dietING tip, just a general diet/food you eat tip. I don't have any help for dieting. Sorry. You're on your own there, kid.
27th-Jul-2014 09:01 am - Rain Needs Support
Rain Being Sexy
072714 Rain Needs Support

The sorrow of a big breasted babe in the summer. Can't go strapless. Can't wear tops with spaghetti string straps. Jump up and down once in a bathing suit and you get arrested for indecent exposure. (Insert Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake joke here. Let's see. Here we go, "And you don't even get felt up by a celebrity".)

To explain the joke:
Tube Top: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tube_top (Peep's pose is based on a photo I have of my maternal GRANDMOTHER who was wearing one of these.)
Cummerbund: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cummerbund (It's not as dirty as it sounds.)
13th-Jul-2014 07:45 am - Spaghetti The Yeti
Rain Being Sexy
071314 Spaghetti the Yeti

I have a stuffed animal of a yeti that I named Spaghetti. I always knew that Spaghetti lived in Mal's freezer but this is his first appearance in the comic strip. I think that it would highly appropriate that being bitten by a yeti would cause frostbite.

Here is a photo of the doll: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12609180/

The brown one I had made for a friend of mine who loves Bigfoot. I prefer yetis. Yeties? I've asked the toy maker to create an 18" yeti for me. I have named him Seti the Yeti. Of course, one day I will have to get a female or two for them. Heh. Beti the Yeti or Heti the Yeti.

Also, we can only do these jokes when Yule isn't around.
6th-Jul-2014 10:27 am - Cake
Rain Being Sexy
070614 Cake

Yet another bad joke but this week's is without the religious overtones. I've been sitting on this one for a while. I came up with it about the same time as the curly furred rabbit being a pubic hare.

OK. Sound off. Do you have icing on your cake or frosting? This is like the pop versus soda debate. Just interested.
29th-Jun-2014 09:04 am - Guaranteed to Offend
Rain Being Sexy
062914 Guaranteed To Offend

My family has some congenital thing where we cannot hear for shit. Add to that, I have attended many a rock concert, worked in various factories and am now employed in a laboratory with lots of whiny, whirring analyzers, I *REALLY* can't hear. If I'm not looking at you when you talk, I may or may not get all you say. Thus, when I watch tv, I have some difficulty as I don't really "watch tv" so much as have it on to listen to while I do some artsy fartsy. Therefore, when I recently misheard a Chuck E. Cheese's commercial, I got this.

I know making a Jesus joke will offend. I think this is funny even if you're easily offended. I mean, Chucky Jesus would get me in a church just for the pizza.

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